The Countryside Code

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In common with the Ramblers Association, to which we are affiliated this club is committed to promoting respect for the countryside and the people who live and work in it.  The following is a summary of the code of contact which is the minimum level of behaviour expected of us whilst on a walk.

bullet Respect the life of the countryside  Be courteous to all those who live in the countryside we are walking through.


bullet Guard against fire. Never throw away lighted matches or cigarettes.


bullet Fasten all gates - Leave gates as you found them but if in doubt shut them. Do not assume that someone behind will shut it; they may think it has been purposely left open.


bullet Keep dogs under proper control - if there are any dogs with us they must be on a lead when there are livestock about or where notices request that they should be on a lead.


bullet Keep to the paths across farm land - Do not wander through crops. When we have to walk through them keep in a single file. Even grass is a valuable crop.


bullet Avoid damaging fences, hedges and walls - if we have to climb a gate do so one at a time, near the hinge.


bullet Leave no litter - put all rubbish in your pocket or rucksack. Please pick up litter dropped accidentally by other walkers. Leave the countryside as beautiful as you found it.


bullet Safeguard water supplies.


bullet Protect wildlife, plants and trees.


bullet Go carefully on country roads - most of our walking is on footpaths, so we have to pay increased attention when we have to walk for a while on a road.


bullet Walk on the right facing oncoming traffic.



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