Below are photographs taken on Paul Connolly's

walk from Princes Risborough on 16 October 2011

by our most prolific photographer Sheila Bravin

Walkers gather at Princes Risborough from the

Chiltern Railway from London Marylebone

Please note the blue skies and sunglasses on

this wonderful October day

The map of the area provides some information

before setting off

Countryside immediate with this lovely thatched cottage


This is for real and someone lives there

The idyllic gardens of cottages

Pause to contemplate the scene

So relaxing to ramble under a canopy of trees

The local Church at Princes Risborough

Sharing the pathway with cyclists can be alarming!!

An old railway crossing still functioning



Horses coated for the autumn chill

A well marked trail to follow.  Note the name

"Sustrans".  They received 80 million from the

first round of lottery allocations in order to raise

the standard of walkways and get people active. 

They spent much of it converting footpaths into cycle ways.

Interesting sculptured waymark signs along the way

Mmmmm. chubby sheep grazing in the meadow.  Lamb for lunch??

A varied walk for interest and leisure

That name "Sustrans" again

Horse riders well groomed and friendly

Pause for water and Peace Prayer of St Francis

All enjoying the day so far

Photographer gets into the frame



Passing of a road and view of a horse-friendly pub


Lots on offer for the hungry rambler

Lunch will be soon at Thame, and that name "Sustrans" appears again

The Cross Keys in Thame welcomed ramblers

with their own sandwiches, once the order of

the day but a rarity nowadays.

But the foodie ramblers plough through Thame for a bought lunch

Thame is an ancient town, proud of its literary and artistic heritage

Very interesting local shops

Reasons to come back on a day trip

The wonderful lunch stop at last!!

The afternoon walk passed through the ancient Churchyard on the way out of Thame


Continuing out of Thame on the way to Haddenham



Accross the stiles and through the fields



The inspiring sounds of water rushing over stones

Careful distance from our bovine friends

Which root vegetable is this?

Field upon field and and bridges to cross


Roads to cross too and our photographer got a rare photo of the normally camera shy leader

The weather graces the last leg of the journey


                                                                             The footpath is not immediately obvious


There is a lot growing here but what is it?

Autumn sun casts ramblers' shadows on the fields



Still some flowering and seeding going on.

Some long bamboo grass

A lovely English village, Haddenham




A glider from nearby airfield flies over Haddenham Station

Prepare to travel

And a welcome train arrives for the journey home

All aboard and away we go!!!